How to start a hot dog business? Is used hot dog carts for sale worth?

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How to start a hot dog business? Is used hot dog carts for sale worth?

Summers are approaching with long summer vacations and you must not sit at home. Internships and side jobs are the best way for you to move ahead, but given today’s economic downturn situation, it is hard to find internships. Many people are choosing to start small businesses and that is how they find their niche and the good news is that they manage to make satisfactory money as well. As the business of food is expanding and hot dogs are becoming popular every day, it is advisable that you make a smart move by selling the hot dogs in busy streets of the country. To get started, the first thing you need to buy is a hotdog cart and interestingly you can find several used hotdog carts for sale online.

Buying a used hot dog cart is a wise decision because the prices of used ones are considerably less than the brand new ones. It means that you can buy used carts from your pocket money as well and you do not have to raise funds from your family and friends to buy one. Secondly, if you are not making profits initially, then those losses do not hurt much because the initial investment is lower. This also minimizes the shutdown risk. Thirdly, used carts are always in a good condition. Those who have used before you were making business out of it and they had, naturally, kept them well maintained.

A lot of profitable and successful hot dog manufacturers use used carts. They sell it to others because either they moved somewhere else or upgraded their business. You must not waste time and money on buying brand new ones because a) if you are starting up a new business then you must keep your initial investments low and b) if you are manufacturing hot dogs as seasonal business, then you must not spend on new ones as they will go to garage once your school starts.

Instead of going after manufactures who want to sell used carts, you can buy used carts from websites such as Craigslist, eBay and These sites offer you used hotdog carts for sale and give you wide variety of fancy, simple, and multipurpose carts which can be used for vending businesses as well. Apart from this, some business websites like those of restaurants also offer their used equipment for sale and they are usually not mentioned in classifieds.

Lastly, while you buy used hotdog carts, you must make sure that the cart had passed all the health department’s requirements concerning hygiene and health issues. This is the most important aspect as legal liabilities can sometimes surpass all the costs savings that you had been doing by buying the used cart. Used hot dog carts for sale must go through your inspection as well so that you do not face any problems in the future. You must look for any hidden defects and any structural changes carefully so that you do not fall prey to someone’s manipulation.


A hot dog venture can certainly create a good income. The area for a hot dog business is very crucial. It will cost you around $1,000 to $2,000 to begin the business. You can find permits and licenses needed for a vending business. The Local Health Department where you live can provide specific details. The Local Health Department uses a Safeserve certification or permits to control a food selling business. A health inspector could examine the hot dog cart. The business holder must have liability insurance coverage.The hot dog cart have to serve the customer's and owner's requires. You will need the desired licenses and machines to run a business. There are a number of selling carts, hot dog carts and trailers to select from. You should obtain good quality carts and equipment. Used hot dog carts for sale can be suitable in many cases. The business might be started in days.


The very first investment contains the expenses for hot dog carts, gas to cook, licenses and permits. The hot dog cart owner offers a range of hotdogs and soft beverages. The owner can sell burgers, sweet, bottled water and sandwiches. The first investment is handily brought back within several weeks. The start-up requires are certainly inexpensive. A hot dog business could be situated close to schools, sporting sides and festivals. It is usually positioned in colleges, events and festivals. It could generate several hundred dollars per day.The area tends to make a big difference in your revenue.It is possible to be your own boss. You can rent or use employees and sub-contractors.


There are a number of hot dog tasty recipes to pick from. There are yummy coleslaw, chili, and honey mustard recipes. You can find recipes for kraut, sauteed peppers and ketchup. and there are recipes and condiments to increase the hot dogs flavor. The food supply contains excellent hotdogs, buns and condiments. The business owner can buy the inventory from distributors or suppliers. You should obtain quality propane tanks, equipment and supplies. A hot dog business could make thousands of dollars annually.


This business is constantly in demand. You can grow your business also. You have to market and budget your business. The owner can work saturdays and sundays, afternoons or full-time. The owner should select a good cart and location. There are lots of quality carts and hot dog stands. Check below for recommends and reviews:


Nostalgia HDC-701 Carnival Hot-Dog Cart with Umbrella


This was a huge hit at my last family get-together. It makes great hot dogs, and does a nice job of keeping everything warm. The directions on how to assemble were awful. My husband had a hard time, because it came with a lot of screws, etc.-it just doesn't go into to detail on how to put it together. It does come with a nice cover for when it's not in use. Everyone seemed to like making their own hot dog their way. We had a great time with it, and we think it will be a hit at our backyard carnival.


a good product .. not only brings some screws that need adjustable legs and arming him fall .. the rest is a good product that makes good hot dog. I have found this Used hot dog carts for sale from my neighbour.






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